Prismatic in the Press

12 July 2022

Natalie Salemink is a Founder and CEO who builds protocols in emerging blockchains hoping to achieve the goal of unlocking unrealized business potential in burgeoning ecosystems. She strives to live by the tenets of effective altruism and believes that technology plays an important role in doing the most good.


15 June 2022

"Web3 and DAOs can also fuse the power of voluntary self-selection and produce collaborative work with shared community ownership of collective efforts, which yield a more equitable and empowering way of working together. "

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11 June 2022

"The potential around crypto is mind-blowing––so is the hype. An expert panel that separates the future from the past."

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13 MAY 2022

"Together they discuss how she first got into the crypto and Ethereum community which led to her discovering DAOs. Natalie then shares why Algorand is a suitable destination for DAOs being built – and why they position themselves as a 'blockchain for good.'"


26 April 2022

"The partnership will allow the integration of Prismatic with Pact’s swapping functionality and liquidity pools, enabling DAO treasuries to diversify assets easily and generate yields from provided liquidity — all from one interface."

7 March 2022

“Prismatic’s advanced DAO tooling capabilities and Algoracle’s reliable, trusted data feeds comprise the essential services that will pave the way for the following generations of DApps on Algorand to flourish."


22 January 2022

"A $2 million seed-raise recently closed to fund Prismatic, an application that builds treasury management infrastructure and tooling for DAOs and other organizations holding digital assets."

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